Brasil - 960 Reis - 1826R Variante 10 RR 28t


960 Reis - 1826R

Letra R - Casa da Moeda do Rio

Variante 10 RR 28 Tulipas

Recunho Sobre *R Potosi

Catalogo: P507


Composition: Silver

Fineness: 0.8960

Weight: 26.8900g

ASW: 0.774621505618339oz

Melt Value: $12.21 (1/13/2019)


Obverse: Denomination and flowers within wreath

Reverse: Crowned arms within wreath


Ruler: Pedro I

Note: KM#368 is occasionally found struck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reales. Specimens having the original elements visible command a premium. Discernable mint mark, assayer initial and date all factor into premium values. See note for Colonial 960 Reis, KM#326.2